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Create artwork with milk!

Things needed:

  • A bowl

  • Half cup of milk

  • Dishwashing soap

  • Cotton buds

  • Food colouring (more than one colour)


  1. Pour half cup of milk into the bowl.

  2. Be careful not to move the bowl. Keep the milk as still as possible.

  3. Put one drop of each of the food colouring in different places in the milk.

  4. Take a tiny drop of dishwashing soap on the end of the cotton bud.

  5. Then, use the cotton bud to touch one of the colours. You will notice that the colour starts to spread in the milk, creating magical art.

How does this work?

Milk is made up of fat and they are all connected with bonds. When food colouring is added to the milk, it floats on the top. When the dishwashing liquid comes in contact with the milk, it breaks the fats in the bond, thus separating it. This is what we see in the form of the colours separating.


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