Ten changes that would impact the future of learning - 10 mins read

- G. Balasubramanian. Former Director Academics, CBSE

Futurologists have positioned the change dynamics of the future in the following three words – Skill, Scale and Speed. The future will be characterized by continuously changing skills, the scale at which these changes occur and the mind-boggling speed at which such changes would occur. The nucleus to such changes would be a world led by a thought leadership and the emergence of newer knowledge, newer technologies and innovations which trigger these changes creating a compulsive need in the minds of consumers. Market forces will articulate these changes as drivers of economy and as wealth generators. The consumerist attitudes of the society would fashion their hunger for novelty by painting a modern art of these new products, whatever be their length of life. All these have a prime market and would impact the educational portals of the country, as a subject of current knowledge with a futuristic perspective. Based on these assumptions, the content and delivery of education and other knowledge tools have taken new ‘avtars’ from time to time. They have impacted the learning style, learning constructs and their delivery architecture. On an ongoing note, it is possible to predict the ten influencers of the quality, content and delivery of education in the next decade of the twenty first century.