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Are cartoons affecting children’s behaviour?

Gone are the days when Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes were the favourite cartoons of children. Cartoons have changed drastically over years and they are leaving long lasting effects on the minds of children. Cartoons are the first TV shows that kids are subjected to. Some watch it from an age as young as 6 months. Thus, cartoons have a great impact on their behaviour and attitude.

Cartoons were originally created to entertain kids and thus making television useful for people of all age groups. However, the cartoons that are broadcasted these days have a strong element of violence which tend to befoul the clear minds of children. This is the opposite of the intended purpose behind creating cartoons.

Earlier, cartoons like Noddy, Richie Rich, Oswald, Mickey Mouse and others taught children various good values like gratitude, concern, friendliness and so on. But cartoons these days are more and more inimical in nature. Some cartoons have details that are more than necessary for kids. That includes enmity between characters, wars or even death. They induce hatred and violence in the young minds. Adding to that, even the animated movies that are out these days have a lot of violence, bloodshed and animosity. Children who grow up watching these can become aggressive and violent, if suitable counterbalancing techniques are not employed.

Cartoons not only affect the children mentally, but also have a negative impact on their physical health. With advanced graphics or interlinked episodes on TV, cartoons are easy to get addicted to. The constant exposure to a screen can lead to early eyesight problems among children. No wonder the number of children wearing glasses, is on a rise these days! It can also lead to a sedentary state. With colourful cartoons on the television, children avoid playing outdoors. The rise in the cartoon games in smart phones also add to the problem, leading to the young generation prioritising application based games over the outdoor games. Lack of exercise can lead to overweight or obesity in children.

Another major concern of most parents, is the education of their children. As said before, cartoons drain most of the students’ ‘non school hours’, leaving them with hardly any time for schoolwork. Unlike cartoons of the past, the ones that are telecasted these days are less educative. With constant addiction, children do not find enough time to dedicate for their curricular activities. Cartoons these days have a lot of disadvantages than advantages. This also calls for some supervision on their viewers.

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