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Are you a morning person?

We know that there are multiple benefits of waking up early. But we love our bed so much that, it is easier to say than actually waking up. Teachers, like students, find it equally difficult to get up in the morning. Even though the first step forward towards a new habit is always the hardest part, we should stop procrastinating and pull up our socks to follow these healthy steps.

1. What is your bedtime?

Set a bedtime to wake up early. Your body needs appropriate amount of sleep to get up early the next day. Get your body used to a schedule. It can help your body form a normal sleeping habit making it much easier to rise early. Eventually, your body would act like an alarm clock by itself, it won’t need any external alert tune.

2. Where do you keep your alarm clock?

Do you keep your alarm clock right next to you? Change its place. Keep it away from you, even if you are using your phone for the alarm. If you pull up your body vertically, walk a little distance and switch off the alarm you would probably not feel like going back to your bed.

3. When are you having your coffee?

It is pleasant if you need a little pick-me-up in the morning, but keep in mind to not have caffeine after dinner. The caffeine takes few hours to fully metabolise in the body. Other than tea and coffee- cola, green tea, some painkillers and energy drinks contain caffeine.

4. Do you prepare yourself before sleeping?

Yes! It is important to get prepared before going to sleep. Taking a hot shower will relax your body and once your body is relaxed and you step out of the washroom, the drop of the temperature will make you feel drowsy. If possible, set the room temperature to 21°C, which is the ideal temperature for a room.

5. ‘Let there be light, let there be life’

Leave the curtains of your room open, let the sun wake you up eventually with its light. If the room seems too bright for you to take, hang in light shaded curtains so that it concedes sunlight slightly.

6. Don’t snooze

Do not hit the snooze button of the alarm to get a little extra sleep. It will make you feel sleepier and more irritated all day long. Set your mind and wake up, that way you will feel energized.

When you get used to getting up early, you will realise the changes in your productivity level, mental fitness and concentration. It will eventually make your world brighter and happier.


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