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Celebrating Our Shared Heritage: World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day, held on April 18th each year, is a historic occasion that encourages us to celebrate and respect the richness of our shared cultural and natural heritage. In 2024, against a backdrop of global problems and uncertainty, this day will hold even more significance, serving as a painful reminder of preserving and protecting our collective history for future generation. 

This year, as we celebrate World Heritage Day, we reflect on the rich fabric of human history and the magnificent natural treasures that grace our globe. From historical monuments and architectural marvels to beautiful landscapes and ecosystems, our globe is studded with treasures that testify to humanity's ingenuity, inventiveness, and tenacity. In light of rising urbanisation, climate change, and other concerns, protecting our cultural and natural legacy has become an important priority. It is a call to action, pushing governments, communities, and individuals to increase their efforts to preserve these unique assets.

 It is also a day to recognise the power of heritage in promoting togetherness, understanding, and discussion among people from various origins. Our shared legacy crosses borders and languages, connecting us to our past while inspiring us to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

On World Heritage Day, let us reaffirm our dedication to conservation and care. Whether through grassroots initiatives to protect local treasures or multinational cooperation to reduce the effects of climate change, we all have a responsibility to play in preserving our history for future generation.

 Furthermore, let us use today to educate and engage the next generation. By teaching our children, a strong appreciation for their cultural and natural heritage, we empower them to become caretakers of our common legacy and advocates for its preservation. 


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