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Classroom Management Skills

Dr. S. Senthil Kumar, M.Tech., Ph.D.,

Chairman, Kalvi Group of Schools

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” -Albert Einstein 


Classroom management is not only the physical management of students, but also mental coordination of all students across all age groups. To explain the fact in detail, good classroom management isn't simply about keeping everyone in their seats and quiet. It's about building strong relationships with your students, encouraging them to take part in their own learning, and sharing a little of yourself. A classroom culture that is good for kids is good for teachers too.

One of the biggest challenges many teachers face, especially at the beginning of their careers, is classroom management. It's just not easy to keep 25 kids interested, engaged and focused.

Classroom management skills usually improve with experience, but some teachers seem to have a gift for it right from the get-go. Classroom management is the way of organising resources and pupils so that the teaching and learning can proceed in an efficient manner. Management of classroom includes:

  • Leading the class

  • Practice consistency

  • Engage the students in creating best

  • Reward good behaviour

  • Breaking bad habits

  • Demonstrate acceptable behaviour

  • Play a game to demonstrate the need of rules

  • Listen to the students' creativity and share the teachers' experiences.

The knowledge transformation from a teacher to a student can happen achieving the mission of teaching only when there is a professional classroom management. Hence, all teachers must be trained, tested and certified exclusively in classroom management before they are deputed to handle students.


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