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As humans, we are motivated to achieve the goals we aspire in our lives. The moment when we work towards our goal and achieve it, are moments of pure joy! However, there are times when we need guidance to achieve them and look for advice to do so.

‘’ app helps us in achieving our goals. This online app methodically guides us so that we know what to do to achieve our dreams.

The App is a mobile-based application that is designed to provide its users with goal and habit tracking services. The app helps us stick to our goals and motivates us through an online community which in turn helps us to achieve our goals accordingly.

The app works on a step by step approach while providing guided advice on a daily manner. It, from the first day of usage, shows us the extent of our progress and celebrates our milestones or the goals which we achieve while answering our queries in a counselling manner.

This app also helps an individual to develop a growth mindset, discover the power of positive reinforcement and experience the motivational force of community-based motivation. The app harnesses individual efforts for improvement in an efficient way so that they would continue to practise the habit of achieving their dreams.

How does the app function?

The app functions on two levels, wherein the first level enables the user to use 90% of its tools for free. This particular level is automated and generates advice through a coded programme, which replies to queries in a general manner. The second level is more of a personal level where the user can seek expert advice from counsellors without meeting them.

What does the app do?

The app provides a variety of options once we begin to use it. It enables its user to set targets and provides several reminders in a week, which enables the individual to be accountable to himself or herself. The app comes with the option of tracking a goal, which in turn enables the user to know about their progress.

Apart from that, the app provides step by step plans for further guidance on a variety of topics such as meditation to exercise, which motivates the user to work towards their goal. The Coach. me app also provides weekly and monthly trends of a particular habit that informs the person about similar habits that are followed by other people. The app also comes with an online support community that answers to queries and doubts expertly. is a very user-friendly app that is available on GooglePlay App Store and Apple store and is free for download. However, some features of the tool are paid versions.

This article originally appeared in the TeacherTribe Magazine July 2020 edition.


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