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Creating a Ripple Effect

World Water Day Special

The rising mercury and soaring sun have brought in a dreaded crisis this summer. As we head into the thick of the heat, the water crisis has begun to affect each one of us in one way or another. Water is a vital catalyst for life and sustenance. It is important for us to learn how to use our resources judiciously and conserve water. 

World Water Day 2024:

This year's theme for the UN World Water Day is ‘Water for Peace’. Approximately 3 billion people depend on water that crosses national boundaries, yet only a few countries have cooperation agreements regarding their shared resources. When scarce, polluted or unequal access, water can cause tensions across countries and communities. Hence the day aims to promote and create awareness of cooperation and harmony as public health and prosperity rely heavily on well-functioning and accessible water resources. 

What we can do:

This World Water Day, it becomes imperative for us to learn how we can play our part to alleviate the looming crisis. Here are a few ways one can conserve and reduce water usage at home:

  • Check for any leakages in faucets, pipes or more in your home to gauge the problem. A dripping sink faucet can lead to massive water wastage over time. 

  • You may install faucet aerators. These instruments help mix air and water to reduce overall water flow without reducing the pressure. These devices can be attached to kitchen faucets to conserve water while performing daily routine tasks. 

  • Reuse water for multiple tasks across homes. 

  • Switch off the faucet while brushing one’s teeth.

  • A basin or plugged sink can be used to rinse vegetables efficiently, saving water compared to running a tap.  

  • Water your plants using a watering can for efficient usage. 

What can teachers do?

Teachers can educate the students on the harmful effects of pollution on water. They can utilise various methods such as demonstrations or storytelling to depict the importance of conserving water.


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