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Design your own photo frame!

A photograph can be turned into a beautiful ornament.

Have the students bring a photograph of theirs to class. Ask the students to paste these pictures on a chart paper. Now, they can cut the chart paper along with the photograph in different shapes. Make sure the faces of the students are not cut. The students can also retain the original shape of the photograph. Offer an assortment of colourful papers and decorations like gemstones, feathers, and glitter. The students can decorate their photograph by using different coloured ribbons as frames. They can also use the gemstones, feathers, and glitter to decorate their photograph the way they wish. Now, ask the students to stick a ribbon behind the photograph.

The photo ornament is ready! Encourage the students to hang their photographs at home or the class.

This is how your photo ornament will look!

Try this activity in your class and write to us about experience or suggestions at

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