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I Am Proud To Be A Teacher Because…


Sunbeam School, Lahartara.

Annie is a teacher at Sunbeam School, Lahartara. Her interests are listening to music and travelling. She has seven years of experience in teaching. 


Being a primary teacher is an emotional journey that touches my heart in profound ways. It's about the tears of joy when a struggling student finally conquers a challenging concept. It's about the laughter that fills the classroom, the giggles over a funny story, and the joy of watching kids be kids. It's about the countless moments of connection when a child looks up at you with wide eyes, full of trust, and believes that you hold the key to knowledge and understanding.

But it's also about the tears that fall in private, the ones shed when a student faces difficulties outside the classroom, and you wish you could do more. It's about the heartache of witnessing the struggles of children who are dealing with problems that are far beyond their years. It's the lump in your throat when you see a child's eyes filled with fear, sadness, or frustration, and you wish you could take it all away.

Being a primary teacher is about the warmth of a child's hug, a thank-you note with colourful drawings, or a simple "I love you, teacher" that fills your heart with an indescribable tenderness. It's about the knowledge that you have the privilege of being a steady presence in a child's life, a beacon of hope and support.

It's about the fulfilment of seeing your students grow, not just academically but as individuals. You witness the moments when they discover their own strengths, when they learn to persevere through challenges, and when they realize the beauty of being unique. Those moments fill your heart with pride, knowing you played a part in their personal growth.

The emotional aspect of being a primary teacher also involves dealing with your own vulnerability. There are days when you question if you've done enough, when you wonder if you could have made a difference in a child's life, or if you could have been more patient, more understanding. These moments of self-doubt and reflection are a testament to the deep emotional investment that teachers make in their students.

Being a primary teacher means forming bonds that often last a lifetime. It's about receiving invitations to high school graduations, weddings, and hearing about the successes of former students in their adult lives. These moments are a testament to the emotional connection that forms between teachers and their pupils.

It's also about the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye at the end of each school year. You've watched these children grow, and as they move on to the next grade, there's amixture of pride and sadness. You're proud of their progress, but you'll miss their bright faces and the special moments you shared.

The emotional aspect of being a primary teacher is deeply intertwined with the role's intrinsic rewards and challenges. The elation of seeing a student succeed, the compassion you extend when they stumble, the understanding you offer when they face difficulties, and the joy you find in their laughter - all of these emotions create a unique and powerful connection between a teacher and their students.

In the end, the emotional journey of being a primary teacher is a tapestry woven with countless threads of love, care, and dedication. It's a journey that evokes tears of both happiness and empathy, laughter, and quiet reflection. It's a journey that touches the very essence of what it means to be human, to nurture, to guide, and to inspire the future generation. It's a journey that fills the heart with an overwhelming mix of emotions, making it a privilege and a profound honour to be a primary teacher.

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