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Journey through a world unexplored

‘Change is the only constant’. This famous proverb exemplifies the need for constant movement and a regular change of pace in the linear, often monotonous routines of our everyday lives. To ensure we remain energised and focused, a change in scenery may be vital. 

Travel is the key to unlocking the code! 

Being able to travel allows one to explore and experience a variety of new possibilities and bring back other perspectives to one’s home and classrooms.

As a teacher, the academic year involves numerous experiences and challenges to take on within the bounds of the school campuses. So, being able to utilise and take a break during session breaks can be rejuvenating and refreshing. 

Teachers can also use their travels to engage students in a classroom-

  • They can create interactive sessions, virtually exploring the place and gaining valuable insight from the students.

  • They can also create short sessions and group activities involving countries and cultures- such as identifying countries on a world map or naming the language spoken in a region.

  • Activities can be created to spark curiosity and imagination in the mind’s of the students.

  • Travelling and bringing back experiences provide students with a platform to learn about different cultures and the world beyond textbooks. 

  • Teachers can help open doors of curiosity and perspectives that are often not explored within the bounds of course textbooks. 

  • Travelling allows for an opportunity to learn and seek knowledge and teachers can be the best learners.

  • The journey can bring about new inspirations and ideas that one can bring back to their professional and personal lives. 

Travelling to new places can also be challenging and daunting. It presents a new set of challenges – such as a delayed schedule in the mode of travel or being in a place where you don’t speak the local language. This challenge can help build one’s communication skills and help teach the value of empathy and patience.

It can also help one understand, learn and teach the value and importance of preserving nature and natural habitats as one steps into the tranquil atmosphere of lush greens and turquoise skies.

So, this National Tourism Day, take a step back and recharge yourselves with some travelling. Bon Voyage!


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