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Teacher Assistant Pro - App We Recommend

Most often, teachers are burdened with so much work that makes them wish they had an assistant to help them with their daily activities. Some of the other work pressures that teachers face in the class apart from teaching include, class monitoring and being updated on the performance of the students in the class. Such pressures make it impossible for the teachers to concentrate on several activities at once, which makes it necessary for them to have some virtual help.

With the rise of AI technology in modern-day classrooms, several tasks can be performed by the teacher at once. Recent studies show the rising trends in mobile applications which not only enable the teacher to access content and pedagogy in class but also outside of it. For such ease of operations and access to information at any time, mobile applications such as Teacher Assistant Pro can be used.

Teacher Assistant Pro

Teacher Assistant Pro is a mobile application which helps to track and monitor the actions, achievements and behaviours of their students. The app enables teachers to create and maintain sheets or charts were in the details of the students can be entered and maintained together. Since the app allows the sheet to be customised, teachers can edit and the way they want.

The app then helps the teachers to communicate with parents and teachers as it documents the daily activities of the students and shares them as reports on a day-to-day basis. The reports can be shared through an email or via a text message.

Additional features

Some of the other additional features of the Teacher Assistant Pro app include storing of students' and parents numbers, with additional information. The app enables the teacher to import data from other sources and help store the required information. The Teacher Assistant Pro app also comes with the features of editing the sheet and enables the use of colours, pin-ups, and to designate icons for actions.

The app enables the teacher to randomly segregate and put the students into groups for class participation. It helps in sending announcements to all the students at the same time as an email blast and not only stores information but also comes with the option of deleting past actions and history stored of a particular student without actually losing out the essential details of the student.

Finally, the Teacher Assistant Pro app allows teachers to export the data to Dropbox or take a back up on their Apple phone.

Themes The Teacher Assistant Pro comes with personalisation app features that allow the teacher to personalise her tab or mobile phone by using the themes offered by the app. The app allows the teacher to select and use her class photo or any other picture which is related to her school or classroom as the theme of the mobile or tablet.

The Teacher Assistant Pro is a free mobile application and can be downloaded from the Apple store only.

This article originally appeared in the TeacherTribe Magazine October 2020 edition.

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