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Book Review: The Book Whisperer

Donalyn Miller informs the reader through her book ‘The Book Whisperer’, that every child has the potential to be a strong reader. The book, released in 2009, narrates her story of how she managed to inspire middle school students to read 40 or more books a year!

Miller, on every page of the book, expresses her thoughts on how she is yet to meet a child she couldn’t turn into a reader. Her method is simple and provocative. She allows her students to choose their own books, creates authentic reading behaviour and develop a classroom library filled with book lovers. Miller aims at motivating her readers by giving them time to read.

Each chapter is introduced with inspiring quotes of authors, educators and entertainers. She also helps student to navigate the world of literature and leaves upon her students the responsibility to appreciate by giving them the reading freedom.

The book provides tips for teachers on transforming students at the end of year and how to retain the new-found taste of reading books. Miller shares with her readers an ‘Ultimate library list’ – a list which has been handpicked by the perspective of her students for ultimate reading.

The book provides its reader a glimpse of a classroom that consists of vibrant readers and their teacher. It is highly recommended for all the teachers, parents and the ones serving the young students.


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