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Food items to avoid this summer

With bright sunny days ahead, summer is sure to bring in loads of fun. With the increased temperatures, there also comes the spread of a number of diseases and illnesses that may affect the immunity of the body.

As essential as it is to stay breezy under the summer heat, it is also important that we consume the right kind of food to avoid falling sick. Given below are food items that one must preferably avoid during the summers-

  1. Grilled meat- Having a barbeque on a rooftop with friends on a summer night may sound fun, but it is not recommended to do so. Grilled meat cooked at higher temperatures than the temperature outside will increase the carcinogen level in the meat which will double the risk of developing cancer.

  2. Fried junk food- Though this kind of food is a ‘no-eat' food at all times, this should be strictly avoided during summer. Fried food makes the skin oilier during an already hot day, giving rise to skin problems such as pimples. It also interferes with digestion.

  3. Hot beverages- Most people cannot function without their cup of piping hot coffee or tea in the morning as they believe it would make them feel energetic. While this habit may be a person’s daily routine, drinking a hot beverage during summer may increase body heat and cause dehydration. Substituting them with green teas or iced coffees can help a person remain healthier.

  4. Mangoes- Though summers in India is synonyms with mangoes, this seasonal fruit, if consumed in large quantities, may cause serious effects that may be equivalent to the sweetness of its taste! Mangoes have the ability to increase body heat and give rise to a number of undesirable symptoms such as diarrhea, upset stomach, headaches, etc.

  5. Dairy products- It may seem that sipping a cold glass of milkshake is the best way to beat the summer heat, but this does not hold true. Milk products such as cheese, butter and curd undergo a fermentation process inside the body when there is a high temperature outside of it. This may cause indigestion and several other stomach related ailments.

  6. Sauces- Sauces used to garnish a dish contains more calories which can make a person feel sluggish and lazy. Cheesy sauces not only raise the temperature but also adds to indigestion and is best avoided.

  7. Spices- Spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, etc. add to the taste quotient of Indian dishes. However spicing dishes up during summer may not be a good alternative. Spices can boost the body heat further making a person dehydrated and sick.

  8. Chapatti- Chapatti, also known as roti in several parts of the country, is a staple food which adds up to the Indian menu. However, this Indian bread does more than filling the stomach. Chapattis made of wheat generate a certain amount of heat which makes the process of digestion difficult. Therefore it is advisable to shift to rice during summer.

While the list may prove to be difficult to carry out, here are some foods that are best for summer-

  • Corn contains antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin which helps to remain organic and fresh during summer. Sweet corn is also known for its anti-aging properties.

  • Tomatoes are considered as ‘sunscreen’ for summer. Due to the presence of carotenoid and its reddish property, it acts as a protective agent against sunburns.

  • Watermelons are a good source of water intake and contains essential nutrients that keep the body cool during summer.

Teachers can follow this diet and ‘stay cool’ the whole of summer.

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