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Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

Alarmy, as the name suggests, is an alarm application with a twist. It drives out all ‘sleepiness’ away with its numerous settings. If you are someone who cannot be called a morning person, Alarmy says ‘sleep if you can’.


This application is not like most alarm apps. Naturally, alarm clocks and applications offer a snooze button, or one click to switch off the alarm. The snooze button is highly convenient, but the chances are high where the person may hit the button and fall asleep again. For such people, Alarmy has come up with three ‘unable-to-sleep’ settings.

Take a picture - The only way to dismiss the alarm in this setting is to take a picture of the registered area. The users should click a picture of an area of the room or the objects in the house. It can be the bathroom sink, the kitchen counter, pots in the balcony or any place in the house. When the alarm starts buzzing, the users will have to take a picture of the location in the house that they had selected previously. This means that the person has to get up from the bed and go to the location, and click a picture to switch off the alarm! There are high chances of the person not going back to sleep after this exercise.

The math alarm – Alarmy avails multiple methods other than picture-alarm settings. It has a math alarm setting which will pop up a math question when the alarm starts buzzing. The user must solve the math problem in order to switch it off. The level of diffi­culty can be customized by the users.

Shake mode - This setting is an interesting one. Called the shake mode, the users will have to shake their phones to switch off the alarm. The number of shakes depend on the number the user sets beforehand. If the users set 30 shakes to stop the alarm from buzzing, they will have to shake their phones 30 times. This application is available for both iOS and Android users. It focuses on waking the person up to drive all the laziness away. If you are not a morning person and need the alarm’s assistance every morning, this application is exceptional.


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