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APAAR ID - Unique Identification Number for Students

The Government of India has initiated the launch of a unique identification number for students. The identity number will be applicable to students of government and private schools.

Citizens of India have a unique identification number known as the Aadhar Card. In a similar vein, the government is now launching an identity number called ‘Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry’ or APAAR for students. The number will not replace the Aadhar but will be an addition to it.

What is APAAR ID?

The APAAR is a lifelong ID number for students across pre-primary and higher education to track their educational progress and achievements. The students will be able to digitally store their examination results, co-curriculum achievements and other learning progress. An additional benefit of APAAR is that it simplifies the process for students transferring between schools.

According to Chairman of the AICTCE, APAAR and National Credit framework will now serve like QR codes to learners across the country, allowing them to receive credit for each skill they learn.

APAAR has also been dubbed as the ‘One Nation, One Student ID’ and is a part of the Education Ecosystem Registry or Edulocker.

Establishing the APAAR

The head of the National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) and former AICTE Chairman mentioned the work on a registry of the entire educational landscape and ecosystem consisting of students, teachers, schools and colleges in progress, earlier this year.

Enrollment process

The Union Ministry has notified states to begin the process of introducing the APAAR into schools. The government has asked for parental consent in the schools before beginning the enrollment process. Parents can also withdraw consent for the creation of APAAR ID at any time.


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