Awaken the Child in You!

-Aaqilah. S

In today’s stressful world, we must have often heard people saying, ‘Spend time with a child to realise life’s true meaning. Look at life from a child’s perspective to be happy.’ Have we ever wondered about these words of advice? Why are children synonymous with happiness, hope and peace? Weren’t we all children once? What changed, as we grew up? Did our lives change, or is it just we, who changed?

To answer these questions, let us start by reflecting on our lives before we reached adulthood. First, we were carefree infants and toddlers, with all our needs taken care of. Then we grew into children filled with questions and enthusiasm for the world. Our imagination was boundless, and the possibilities we saw were endless. Slowly, we developed into teenagers, and were excited to discover newer experiences that life had to offer. Sadly, this phase of ‘growing up’ was also governed by stereotypes, to a large extent. We had to inevitably conform to unwritten rules—in what we did, what we spoke, and even in what we thought.