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Beating the Blues and Tapping Away

The medium of dance has been a significant part of human evolution since the ancient civilisations. Throughout history and into the modern era, the art form has transcended eras and socio-cultural boundaries to be a timeless form of expression of the human experience. 

From the graceful movements of ballet and traditional Indian dances to the energetic moves of urban hip-hop, the artform can captivate audiences. Dance can serve as a universal language, providing a creative outlet for expression and forming a powerful medium of storytelling. 

Brief History of International Dance Day

On the 29th of April each year, people across the globe commemorate the presence and impact of various styles of dance on diverse communities. 

International Dance Day was formally recognised in 1982 by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, the main partner to the performing arts of UNESCO. The day coincides with the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre, who is believed to be the pioneer of modern ballet. 

How can incorporating dance benefit students?

Incorporating dance into the classrooms can help motivate students to get moving and stay fit. The medium can provide an engaging classroom and a fun way to build skills in students. 

  • It encourages participation from students and aids their learning capabilities.

  • The medium can help improve balance and coordination, which in turn can boost their performance in other sports and activities.

  • Learning and practising dancing can benefit and improve teamwork and teach students accountability as they learn to work and perform as a team.

  • Dancing can also enhance their social skills and help them boost their self-confidence.

  • Dance can challenge the brain and foster problem-solving skills along with being a creative outlet for a student.

  • It is also a good way to develop musicality and rhythm along with aiding various learning styles of students.

Involving a few dance movements in regular classrooms can enhance students’ memorisation and understanding of academic concepts.


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