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Build your own hovercraft!

What is a hovercraft?

A Hovercraft is a vehicle which can travel over land or water. It is also called ‘ACV’ or Air Cushioned Vehicle. Hovercrafts use large blowers to produce enormous volume of air, which makes them move.

Things needed

  1. An old CD or DVD.

  2. A medium sized balloon

  3. Pop-top cap of a sipper water bottle or liquid soap dispenser.

  4. Hot glue.

  5. Tape.


  1. Fix the pop-top cap onto to the CD or DVD disc, covering the centre hole with the help of hot glue.

  2. Make sure there are no gaps between the cap and the disc. Tape it around to make it air tight.

  3. Blow up the balloon and hold it ready by its neck.

  4. Make sure the pop-top cap is closed and put the inflated balloon on to the nozzle of the cap.

  5. When ready to test your hovercraft, put it on a smooth surface and lift open the nozzle.

How does it work?

When the nozzle is lift open, the air flow created by the balloon causes a cushion of air between the disc and the surface. This cushion of air lifts the disc and enables it to move freely. Real life hovercrafts use the same phenomenon to commute over land and water.


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