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Over the years, technology has evolved drastically and has become an integral part of our lives. With the introduction of the internet in schools and colleges, there is immense scope for schools and educators to increase the learnability by using technology in classrooms.

There are a number of tools which are available in the market that cater to various educational purposes and helps make a teacher’s job easy. The best way for a teacher to access these apps is to download them on their smartphones or tablets.

The Classtree App

Educational apps such as the Classtree app helps teachers and students to learn in an organised manner. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Classtree app makes it easy for teachers to communicate with the parents and students. It is both a web and a mobile based app, which allows the option for teachers to add classes, its students and their parents on a spreadsheet. Teachers can share the class code with the students, which enables them to create accounts and log on. The app also automatically ­fills up forms which helps reduce the hassle of manually ­filling them. The application has the feature which allows teachers to upload documents and also comes with the option for the user to choose the space for parents to sign documents.

The document is then circulated among the group of parents, whose contact information is loaded on the site. The app helps teachers to keep the parents updated about their child’s behaviour and day-to-day learning. It also comes with additional features such as e-signatures, event reminders, image sharing, content sharing and more. The app is best known to reduce teacher’s stress of handing out e-consent forms for parent’s signature. Parents can then hand in their consent forms from anywhere across the world and the teachers can view the responses with a click. Classtree is a safe educational app which also helps to communicate effectively. It is a one stop solution to a classroom’s endless paperwork.


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