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Earth Day

The word ‘earth’ itself paints the picture of big green lawns, gigantic waterfalls, lush green forests, a small bud slowly blooming or a forest full of animals. Every year on 22nd April, we celebrate Earth Day to remind the whole world of how beautiful it would be if we conserve these beauties. The glaciers are shedding tears, the forests are vanishing, sea levels are rising, and the wildlife is begging for survival. It is clearly evident that humans have caused enough harm to the mother earth, and it is heating up, and fast. Now, it is the time to step back and recover the help the nature to efflorescent.

The aim to celebrate Earth Day is to bring attention to a number of issues which is in requirement of attention, for instance, soil corruption, pollution of air and water, over population, nuclear issues, depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation of rain forests and so on.

As teachers and educators, it is our duty to inform and educate our students to learn to respect and conserve nature. This can begin at home and school, by taking small steps.

How can teachers and students celebrate earth day?

  1. Encourage students to use refillable water bottles.

  2. Eliminate the use of plastic bags.

  3. Tell the kids to turn off and unplug all the electronic items when not in use back at home.

  4. Teach them the value of nature, initiate by planting a little life in the garden, starting this Earth Day.

  5. Don’t waste food.

  6. Form groups in the class and take initiative to clean the school.

  7. Build a bird house or keep food and water for them in the windows or balconies.

  8. Donate clothes you don’t use.

Currently, Earth Day is the largest secular observance in the world. Earth Day is a day of action that provokes the world to take steps for Mother Earth. That does not imply Earth Day is the only day people should take care of the resources and conserve it, but today and every other day.

Let us begin by doing something good for Mother Earth this day and continue to do so, to provide a better place for the future to live in.


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