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Exploring New Frontiers Webinars

The world is witnessing an unprecedented disruption where every sector is affected. Education perhaps is among the more affected as the world is trying to embrace new methods. Recognising the need for all of us educators to be better prepared, informed and equipped, organised a series of webinars during the lockdown for educators.

The recognition that students and children are the most fragile audience affected by the pandemic, it is up to us educators and teachers to be the interface between them and the world outside. Season 1 of TeacherTribe.World Webinar Series saw five speakers addressing five different topics which are of utmost importance to educators.

Prepare for a VUCA World

The first season began with noted quizmaster, Giri Pickbrain, on the topic ‘Teachers, What Is Your Future?’. This webinar took the teachers on a journey into their future, their role, significance and how they would handle children when schools and classrooms reopen after the pandemic. Pickbrain introduced the concept of a VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World) and underlined how teachers are the ‘bridge to the future’.

The recording of the whole webinar series is available FREE on YouTube channel. You can watch it here -

Strategies of Engaging Children Digitally

The second speaker was noted Counselling Psychologist, Educationist, Special Educator and an International NLP Practitioner, Ms. Kala Mohan. In conversation with Pickbrain, she spoke on an important issue that many teachers currently face – ‘Strategies of Engaging Children Digitally’. Kala Mohan addressed a wide range of questions from interesting tactics to engage the primary children online, duration of an ideal class online, approaching slow learners and special kids. You can watch it here -

Cyber Security for Educators

Recognising the need to understand security issues that teachers should be aware of during online classes, addressed ‘Cyber Security for Educators’ in its third webinar. The session was addressed by Cyber Law Expert and Techno Legal Consultant Adv. Sai Sushanth. He touched upon the security threats that educators and children can face during online classes, and some important steps to prevent such risks.

A scary but pertinent session, as one Principal aptly put it, you can watch it here -

Importance of Learning Environments for Students

As learning environment across the world are being disrupted and challenged, the penultimate webinar was on the ‘Importance of Learning Environments for Students’. It addressed the role the environment plays, in the learning output of a child. The webinar was delivered by Dr. Kamala Mukunda, a noted author, a teacher and a speaker. This session focussed on keeping in mind multiple intelligences in online teaching,learning environments forpre-primary children, impact of online learning environments on children and lots more.

Dr. Mukunda gave the teachers extremely valuable and practical ideas to implement in their classrooms. You can watch it here -

Power of Questioning

The final session of the webinar series had the ever so popular, G. Balasubramanian, Former Director Academics, CBSE, speaking about the ‘Power of Questioning’. With his vast experience in the field of education, G. Balasubramanian spoke about the importance of asking questions in class, being inquisitive, the difference between examining, assessing and evaluating, and the concept of ‘right and wrong’ questions. You can watch it here -

Thousands watch and adapt to online sessions Webinar Series saw an overwhelming response of more than 5000 educators from not just across India, but from cities and countries like Riyadh, Muscat, Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, Philippines, Indonesia, USA being part of this season of the webinar series. It also saw teachers learn how to get on to online sessions aided mostly by their children at home. It sure opened them up to a future where the student could be the teacher, atleast on the technology front.

This article originally appeared in the TeacherTribe Magazine June 2020 edition.


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