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Google Classroom - App We Recommend

Most often, schools and educators think of easier methods to simplify and grade a large number of assignments that are submitted by the students. The sheer number of papers and the sheets that are submitted often make it dif­ficult to not an only grade, but also carry around. For this, Google has come up with a solution that has made assignment grading and distribution much simpler.

1. What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free internet-based service that has been developed for schools and can be accessed on laptops and computers. The main aim of Google Classroom is to simplify the creation, grading and distribution of assignments in a classroom without much paperwork. This encourages students to submit their projects online. Google Classroom also aims to streamline the submission of ­les between the teachers and students.

2. How does Google Classroom work?

Google Classroom operates on a number of online applications. It uses applications such as Google Drive, which is a large online storage application to build projects and assignments and to deliver them accordingly. Google Classroom also uses a variety of options under Google Drive such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Forms to write and create the work given. It uses Gmail, which is a free internet-based email service to communicate and share the projects among the teacher and students and, Google Calendar for submission and scheduling of the projects on a particular day.

Teachers can monitor the progress of each student and send in feedback along with the assignment or project and grade them accordingly. Google Classroom allows the teachers to grade the assignments through different grading methods. They can also attach comments and give detailed feedback through emails that can be sent to the student's email account. It allows the option of archiving or saving the projects and submissions of the student, which can later be accessed at the end of the year for academic purposes.

3. How can students be added to the Google Classroom?

Google Classroom enables the teacher to send invites to his/her students via an email that invites them to be added on the online Google Classroom. Students will then have to accept the invite to be added to the Classroom. Teachers can add several classes on the Google Classroom by simply sending invites through an email to all the students and they can also maintain separate folders for various subjects, assignments and homework.

Teachers can send in invites to students to edit Google Sheets and other documents. This will enable the students to create and submit their work online which can be accessed accordingly by the teachers and assessed.

4. Google Classroom mobile application

Google Classroom has a mobile application service that enables its users to access it on Android and iphones. Apart from the services offered on the laptop version, the Google Classroom mobile application also offers its users to take and attach photos with the assignments, share ­les from other mobile applications and support offline access to the documents.

Google Classroom comes with the option of attaching videos and other social media application links such as Facebook and YouTube through the application.

This application is worth a try for all teachers.

This article originally appeared in the TeacherTribe Magazine November 2020 edition.


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