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Guide to a good night’s sleep

Sleep plays an important role in well-being and maintaining good health. In fact, it is as important as exercise and eating healthy. Sufficient and good quality sleep protects mental and physical health, also improving quality of life. During sleep, body works to support healthy brain function and maintains physical health. Hence, it is very important to have at least eight hours of soundless sleep.

Effect of sleep on teachers

On an average, teachers get 6 hours of sleep. As their working hours go beyond regular timings, they are mentally and physically drained. Most teachers tend to reflect about the work they do and end up with lesser sleep. With inadequate sleep, irritability, forgetfulness and lower tolerance levels develop. They also incline to become less effective in organising and planning. The effect of insufficient sleep leads to decrease in overall performance and welfare of a teacher.

Why is good sleep important?

Getting a good night’s sleep helps in the following ways:

  • Improves concentration and therefore, increases productivity at work.

  • Maximises physical strength and athletic performance.

  • Increases metabolism.

  • Improves immunity function.

  • Mind is rejuvenated and physically rested.

  • Effects positive emotions and social interaction.

Guidelines to get a good night’s sleep

Effectively increasing sleeping hours from 6 to 8 helps the growth of brain connections. This in turn increases memory power, restores emotional calmness, increases job efficiency and develops an overall sense of wellness. Mentioned below are some tips that can help a peaceful long sleep.

  1. Systematic sleep and wake up schedules need to be inculcated on a regular basis. Even over the weekends.

  2. One must not indulge is vigorous exercise two hours before sleep time. This could affect in a delayed sleep.

  3. Listening to calm music and doing some basic stretches eases muscles and relaxes the mind. This automatically invokes better sleep.

  4. It is better to avoid coffee, soft drinks or any kind of beverage before sleeping. Beverages work on your senses and keep the mind active and alert which in turn harms the sleeping pattern.

  5. A warm bath before sleeping clears brain from it rumination work related issues.

Along with good food and exercise, good sleep is one of the major pillars of health. An optimal level of health cannot be achieved without taking care of your sleep.


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