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Guide to staying healthy while travelling

It is that time of the year where people pack their bags and head out to holiday destinations. While the main purpose of the travel is to explore destinations and have a good time, it is also important to stay safe and keep healthy to avoid falling sick.

Here are a few tips on what one can do while travelling -

  1. Don’t drink normal water and keep away from ice- Though this is a well-known rule, it is not followed always. Keep away from clear tap water or any kind of unbottled water with the exception of it being boiled, or consume water that is sold in sealed bottles.

  2. Use a hand sanitiser often- While travelling, it is often hard to have access to clean water or surroundings and therefore it is important to carry a sanitiser at all times. Hand sanitisers help keep the hand clean from most germs and one need not worry excessively about falling sick.

  3. Consume packaged food items- Though one may be tempted to try out the different kinds of local cuisines, it is largely advised to refrain from doing so. Open food items may attract a lot of germs and one must try to consume food that is packaged. It is also advised to carry a packet of probiotic drink in case it is needed.

  4. Eat at popular restaurants- Although several people love the idea of exploring new eateries in new places, it is however advised to eat at known and popular restaurants while travelling. Eating at a known/crowded place means that it is liked by the local people around and is also likely that the food prepared is quickly sold, making it safe to eat, unlike the food sold in restaurants that do not have any customers.

  5. Refrain from drinking fruit juices and other roadside cooked items- Though fruit juices are good for health, having it while travelling in a new or tourist destination is not advised. It is recommended to not consume such juices as one may not know the kind of water used in the preparation. Similarly, it is recommended to not consume cut fruits and vegetables, as one may not know the kind of environment the fruits and vegetables were exposed to or the knife that was used to cut them.

  6. Consider eating with hands/clean the spoon& forks before eating- It is best advised use hands to eat the food instead of using spoons and forks that might have been used by someone else or not cleaned properly. Studies show that using one's hands to eat is a more safer way of eating. If not, it is advised to clean the spoons and forks thoroughly before using them.

  7. Always opt for vegetarian food- It is always recommended to opt for vegetarian food as there is a lesser chance of it getting spoilt. Vegetarian food can also be stored and digested easily than non-vegetarian food which also has a higher chance of getting spoilt.

Following the above-mentioned tips may not assure us from falling sick, but it will definitely help us be cautious and stay safe, helping us enjoy our holiday.



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