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How To Make History Lessons Fun?

Social Studies class in the afternoon may not be the ideal thing to have. History, Geography or Civics, do kindle the interest levels of the students. A pattern that is evident in subjects like these is the medium in which the information is disseminated, which makes a difference. For instance, the interest levels are higher when watching a TV series on Emperor Akbar or Ashoka. Adapting new methods as teaching aids will help keep up the interest levels and learning of the students.

Role Play in B-Schools

A popular method used in B-Schools, Role Play is nothing but enacting a certain situation or case and then analysing the same. It not only brings about an element of fun and laughter in class, but also makes a student understand the situation better. Try the following case as a role play in the class.

The Second Battle of Panipat - 1556

Causes - Hemu, the commander-in-chief of Sher Shah Suri wanted to become the King. He took advantage of Humayun's death and revolted against young Akbar.

Result - Akbar wins the battle and regains rule over Delhi and Agra.

The students should research more about this battle and enact the situation in class. The entire incident of the second battle of Panipat is explained to the students, by the students.

The degree of absorption of a particular topic is lot more when such innovative techniques are used. The student will not only look forward to the class, but also actively participate in the class discussion.

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