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I Am Proud To Be A teacher Because...

Jayanthi Jayaraman, Entrepreneurship & Business Studies teacher, Sri Kumaran Children’s Home, CBSE, Mallasandra.

Jayanthi is a teacher at Sri Kumaran Children’s Home, Bengaluru. With a 5-plus years stint in the corporate world from the manufacturing sector (With Mahindra & Mahindra) to service industries (KPMG and ANZ Bank), she is in the world of teaching since 2018. 

She enjoys reading books and strongly believes in the teaching community leaving an indelible mark in the minds of the students forever.


Each day as I enter the portals of my School,

I look forward to filling my knowledge Bagful.

Each day as I enter my classroom with my books and Chalk,

The students never fail to Rock.

Each day as I teach a different Concept,

Our learnings together are Adept.

Each day as I assess and evaluate Papers,

We know that they are valiant Swimmers.

Each day as we pass each other in the Corridor,

We know that this unexplained camaraderie is Circular.

Each day as we give them their favourite Games Period,

We know that we are the most Endeared.

Each day as we near the Farewell Day,

We know that there are strong memories here to Stay.

Each day as I check my messages on my Phone,

There are messages that assures me that the right seeds are Sown.

Each day as I enter the portals of my school Again,

The Pride in my Smile is here to Sustain!


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