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I Am Proud To Be A Teacher Because…

Kavitha Subramani, Vidyaniketan Early Years, Bengaluru

Kavitha Subramani is a kindergarten teacher at Vidyaniketan Early Years, Bengaluru. She has five years of experience teaching the little ones. She holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce along with Nursery Teachers Training. Kavitha is a Level 1 certified Kuchipudi dancer. She is an active, creative, artistic and a multilingual teacher, who loves reading books, narrating stories and pencil sketching.


I am a teacher..

I play I laugh I dance..

I am a teacher..

I teach I learn I sing..

I am a teacher..

I touch their life, they touch mine.

I am a teacher

I believe them, they believe me

I am a teacher..

I inspire them, they inspire me

I am a teacher..

I narrate stories to them

They tell me their own stories

I am a teacher..

I miss them, I am missed by them

I am a teacher..

I long for them, they long for me.

Its end of year… 

I start to yearn.

With heavy heart and tears in my eyes

I bid goodbye to my sweetie pies.

I wish them to sore high.

We get separated.

We are scattered.

Its time again…

To roll my sleeves up and smile again,

I stand tall with my head high.

Yes! I am a teacher,

A proud teacher!

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