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I Am Proud To Be A teacher Because...

Krishnaveni G. | Teacher, Vidyaniketan Public School


Krishnaveni is a social science teacher at the middle school level. With 8 years of teaching experience, she teaches at Vidyaniketan Public School, Bengaluru.


The love and the respect showered by the blooming buddies, my dear students, make me feel proud to be a teacher. Their trust in me makes me responsible at every moment.

My day starts with the rejoicing players spreading the positive vibes in the entire school premises.

The greetings that I receive throughout my day from all the generous hearts with their smiling faces makes me proud.

My heart jumps with joy and hands clap to praise the achievements of my kids at various events & schools, when announced & awarded in the morning assembly.

I feel blessed & proud to take up an immense pleasure to convey my gratitude to my motherland everyday, by singing the national anthem and saluting with patriotism.

The energetic & eagerly waiting kids welcome me into their kingdom with honour & curiosity to learn, drag me out of this stressed world.

Being a teacher makes me proud when innocent students approach me seeking excuses for not completing their assigned tasks or forgiveness for non-submission of their work.

The blessed quality in a teacher is her patience towards every challenging issues & situations.

The concerned hearts of students that let them know the reasons for not being present or taking a day leave & for being late to school, or sometimes looking tired.

My honesty alerts them to be honest.

My disciplinary actions teach them to be disciplined.

I'm the person responsible to guide them to speak, motivate them to be interactive, convey their views whether they are right or wrong, support them to be a part of our taught.

This is one such noblest profession which makes to inculcate and continue all my hobbies, fantasies to grow, like painting, dancing, singing, etc.

Being kind gains innumerable fans with real judgement.

We teachers, think and act 24/7/365 days about making our students the best, contribute to our motherland with honest noncorrupted citizens and our nation feel proud.

We try out our best thought our lifetime to make our students to learn to respect, be kind, humble, dignified, punctual, honest, qualified and more than all be a patriot to the nation.


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