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I Am Proud To Be A Teacher Because...

Dr. Madhavi Mangat, Cygnus World School, Vadodara

Dr. Madhavi Dhanak Mangat is a medical professional by academics, an educator by choice and practice, and a writer by passion. Her diverse pursuits in academics and professional life range from clinical medicine, marketing, CSR, writing, teaching and school administration in India and China. It has helped her gather experiences and stories to share. She hopes to share these and her knowledge with her students through her interactions with them. Apart from being an English Language Educator, Dr. Madhavi also trains students in public speaking, life skills, dramatics and writing.


I am proud to be a teacher because I find my joy, purpose, fulfilment and salvation in being one. I can touch lives and make a difference in a way I never expected was possible. Let me begin with the joy of learning that I create and nurture in my classroom as an English language teacher. The way the faces of my students light up when they understand a concept or idea or lesson that I shared with them, gives me a different kind of high. When they participate in class discussions and not sit quiet till they get the concept completely, is a small victory for them and me. And I look forward to it every single day!

I am glad that for those assigned minutes, that classroom becomes their space and mine- a place where we can jump from one concept to another. From a simple lesson in literature, we are able to create a whole new world together. We enjoy the class whether it is taken in the classroom or in their favourite outdoor space in our school campus; they love the discoveries waiting for us every minute. Not only that, but they also relish the freedom and space that my classes are able to give them. 

In my class, I am able to create a place where we are allowed to make mistakes, where we need not know everything, where we can laugh together, learn together and most importantly, grow together. It is a place where we can be ourselves with our set of imperfections and flaws. It is a place where we encourage each other and can take certain liberties with each other because we feel like a single unit together. 

I think I am allowed some pride on behalf of this unit; I’m sure my students would agree!

I love that I can be their go-to person through my sessions on Life Skills and through the role of the Middle School Coordinator. Yes, it is indeed a huge responsibility to be their confidante, their friend, philosopher and guide. But at the same time, it is also a relief that atleast I can be there for them in whatever way possible. 

One often laughs about the way one’s office door and space does not physically suffice for one’s students of grade 6 to 8 and some of the seniors who still come back to just hang out or talk… It is a heartwarming feeling to be that person that they can trust, to be that person who can make them feel like they matter and be that person who will not judge them. It is fulfilling that I was able to create that kind of rapport with them, develop that bond and earn their trust and faith. It does make me feel quite rich and blessed to be able to win their confidence and in some small way and help them out when they needed it. Many students have their own way of greeting me and connecting with me- through a smile, a blink, a gesture, a secret glance or simply a nod. Every bit of this makes me happy and proud. It gives me a sense of achievement and joy!

When I began my career with clinical medicine, I enjoyed interacting with patients in the clinics and wards and loved being able to add smiles to their faces. I’m glad that eventually, I switched to the field of education which was my destiny and my true calling. Here, I do not have to wait for anyone to fall sick or be dis-eased to be able to help them! I can catch every one of those precious smiles every day! 

Through the school, interactions with my team members and the parents help me to connect to a wider community. I am able to help them understand some of the problems with a different perspective, or at times, realise that there is no problem at all! That feeling of having been able to help someone and indirectly having helped my students because of that transaction of positivity and good vibes, I feel happy. It is a complete wholesome experience in itself; pride happens to be just one of the feelings in this package!


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