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I Am Proud To Be A Teacher Because...

Poornima B., Roots Educational Trust, Kodagu

Poornima is a teacher from Kodagu, Karnataka. She is a PGT and works in Roots Educational Trust, Shettigeri, South Coorg. Here motto in life is – “Try the best, work to the best, gain the best.”


According to me, ‘I am proud to be a teacher’ because the word 'Teacher' itself stands for

T - Tutor

E- Evaluator

A- Assurer

C- Carer

H- Hardworker

E- Embracer

R- Researcher

As Tutors, we teach our students all the aspects of academics and life values.

As Evaluators, we evaluate our students, their weakness and strength, help them out to move forward in life.

As Assurers, we accept all our students' mistakes and assure them that we are always with them to correct them with patience and show them right path. 

We Care for each and every student, every second. They treat us like their mothers.

As Hardworkers, we work hard to a great extent for our students’ welfare, despite our bad health.

As Embracers, we always put our hands around our children shoulder with love to praise them for their achievement, to comfort them during pain and assure them we are always there for them.

As Researchers, we always keep ourselves busy every day, doing researches for our children, finding new ways to keep our class entertaining and interesting, so that our children don't get bored. Also, to bring smiles on their face.

And all the above cannot be performed by a normal, common person, but only by a super multi-talented, multi-tasker like a teacher.

Teacher is the only designation we should all be proud to be designated. Hence, I am very proud to be a teacher.

We teachers have our own respect and value since the Vedas through the saying, "Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur devo Maheshwarha, Guru Sakshath Parabrahma thasmayi shree Guruve namaha."


You the Tutor,

teach us to become learners.

You the mentor,

mend us to become successors.

You the mother,

show us all the love.

You the father,

punish us to correct our mistakes.

You the friend,

give company in all our feelings.

You the encourager,

encourage in all our strength.

You the embracer,

embrace us when we need.

You, the only heart,

always beats for your students' welfare.

You the real God, your blessings

of knowledge lead us to our destiny of happy life.


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