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I Am Proud To Be A Teacher Because..

Smita Singh, St. Kabir Indian International School, Vadodara

Smita is a teacher with a rich, 12-year tenure as a Social Science teacher at St. Kabir Indian

International School, Vadodara, Gujarat. Her noteworthy achievements include serving as the Coordinator for the British Council International Dimensions, earning an award in 2021-2022, and holding the position of Head of the Social Science Department for the past 8 years. She has excelled in monitoring, leading, training and managing teachers while spearheading the department's research, planning and goal setting. She is passionate about innovative and creative teaching methods and focuses on fostering an engaging learning environment.


Nurturing The Future: The Joy of Being A Holistic, Child-Centric Educator

Hi...! my name is Smita Singh and I teach in St. Kabir Indian International School, Chapadh, Vadodara, Gujarat. For over a decade, I have embarked on a transformative journey—a journey that transcends the boundaries of time and place. This journey has been my life's calling, my passion, and my ultimate source of pride. I am not just a teacher; I am a holistic, child-centric educator, a guardian of dreams, and a shaper of futures. Today, I invite you into my world, a world of innovation, creativity, and the celebration of the child at the heart of it all. I am proud to be a teacher because...

Unleashing Curiosity

In my classroom, curiosity is not just encouraged; it's celebrated. We embark on such activities where students don the hats of explorers, scientists and investigators. They question, they experiment and they immerse themselves in the mysteries of knowledge. It's a place where answers are less important than the journey of discovery.

Empowering Through Choice And Personalisation

The best holistic, child-centric education recognises the uniqueness of every child. I empower students to choose their learning journeys based on their passions and interests. Whether it's diving deep into the world of art, delving into the sciences or unravelling the mysteries of history, students take ownership of their learning.

Holistic Development As The True Measure Of Success

Academic achievement is just one facet of success in child-centric education. 'Balanced Growth' is the essence of my classroom. It's not just about learning; it’s about nurturing emotional intelligence, creativity, problem-solving and social skills. We practice mindfulness, collaborate on real-world projects and graduate as well-rounded individuals.

Diversity is a treasure and child-centric education celebrates it. I enable the students to explore various cultures, traditions and perspectives. Through this, they learn not only to appreciate differences but to celebrate them. The classroom becomes a place where every background is valued.

Leveraging Technology For Enhanced Learning

In the digital age, technology is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to boundless knowledge. I let the students to a world of virtual exploration. They engage with interactive simulations, collaborate with peers and access a wealth of information, making learning interactive and dynamic. The community becomes an extension of the classroom in child-centric education. I involve my students and parents in collaborative projects. This initiative nurtures a sense of civic responsibility and strengthens the bond between the school, the home and the community.

Stewardship Of The Environment

The environment is not just our classroom; it's our responsibility. I enhance students into guardians of the planet. They don't just learn about environmental issues; they actively engage in projects to address them. Tree planting and sustainability education make them advocates for a greener future.

Learning Beyond Classroom Boundaries

The world is our classroom and every experience is a lesson in child-centric education. I encourage my students to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world. From museum visits to outdoor adventures, students learn not only about the world but also about themselves.

The True Essence Of Being A Teacher

My pride as a teacher is not in the knowledge I impart, but in the transformation I witness. It's in the sparkle of curiosity, the blossoming of creativity, and the deepening of empathy I see in my students. I am not just a teacher; I am a guide, a mentor and a cheerleader in the incredible journey of self-discovery. 

In conclusion, my pride as a teacher is rooted in the commitment to the principles of the best holistic, child-centric education. I am not just a teacher, I am an advocate for innovation, a believer in creativity and a custodian of dreams. I am dedicated to lighting the path for the stars of the future. As the torchbearer of this philosophy, I am committed to nurturing the potential within each child, recognising the unique constellation of talents and dreams within them. It's the child at the heart of it all that makes every moment, every challenge and every triumph as a teacher profoundly rewarding and truly special.


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