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Inspiration through Art

Hinal Kalpesh Macwan

Visual art & Work Education Teacher (TGT),

Vasantiben and Chandubhai Patel English School.

Hinal Kalpesh Macwan has a Fine Arts degree in Painting & an Art Teacher Diploma. She works as a Visual Arts and Work Education teacher at Vasantiben and Chandubhai Patel English School, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Anand.


Hinu woke up one day feeling completely uninspired. She had been an art teacher for years and loved it. But lately, she had been feeling like she was stuck in a rut. She decided to take a risk and do something she had never done before.

She grabbed her sketchpad and some colored pencils and headed outside, looking for something that would inspire her. She walked around the park, admiring the trees and the way the sun shone through the leaves. After a while, she stumbled upon a group of children playing in a nearby meadow.

Hinu watched them for a while, taking in their laughter and curiosity. The more she watched, the more she was inspired. She pulled out her sketchpad and began drawing the children, capturing the joy and innocence of childhood.

As she drew, she noticed something amazing. The children were creating their own art, using sticks and leaves to create sculptures and drawings in the dirt. They were so creative and passionate that it made Hinal smile.

Hinu was so inspired that she decided to use this experience to create a new art class for her students. She gathered the children's artwork and used it to teach her students how to use everyday objects to create art.

The class was a huge success and Hinu was filled with a new sense of joy and fulfillment. She couldn't believe that one day of taking a risk had changed her life!

An art trainer can change your existence. An art instructor can make a big impact on students in the first-class or worst approaches. Her words can send students (young or antique) on a life-long creative journey, or sear their minds with self-doubt.

In case you’ve had a negative thought, enjoy. It can take years to recognise that those who put limits in your creative capability won't have virtually regarded you or were undeniable wrong about what they noticed. Students routinely come to The Drawing Studio having not attempted anything inventive for many years because someone advised them that they are not ‘gifted’ or ‘innovative’.

How liberating to recognise that something you believed nearly your whole existence is not the truth!

The best news is the first-class. Art instructors can inspire and pass along brilliant understanding. Great art teachers surround us with art. As they say, ‘Art has the role in education of helping children become themselves instead of becoming someone else.” And this is what an art teacher contibutes in the life of an artist!


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