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Is education stagnant?

Mr. Ashok K. Jain is the Principal of G. D. Goenka International School, Jalandhar. He is a recipient of many awards of which he was awarded the Inspirational Educators of Punjab by Rocksport Group for his innovative and dedicated services in the field of education, in January 2018. He is also the recipient of the Best Teacher’s Award (Principal) by a group of institutions in Jalandhar.

In this article, Mr. Ashok shares his views on how education is never stagnant and should change according to the requirements of time.


1.Congratulations on winning the ‘Inspiring Educators of Punjab’ award! what do you think has helped you achieve this feat?

Thanks for your wishes. I feel my focused efforts and concerns for the students and school have paved the way for achieving the great milestone.

2.What or who inspired you to come into the teaching space?

My late father and my elder sister inspired me to adopt teaching as career and later, my mentors motivated me to excel in this noble profession.

3.What differentiates your school from the other emerging institutions?

My school is very different on the basis of individual attention each child gets. We have activity based experiential learning as the core of our vision and ideology. We look for overall development of the students. We cater to the value for money the parents spend on education.

4.Your school has inculcated new ideas and methodologies, of which the ‘Pigeon Hole’ concept is one of them. Kindly elaborate on this.

New ideas are always welcome in our setup. We follow new concepts and practices spearheaded by our Group Academic Head at Delhi. We encourage the teachers and parents to come forward and help us to bring some change like Pigeon Hole Concept. The concept is very simple - To overcome the problem of heavy bags being carried by students, the school provides open shelves (Pigeon Holes) to each pupil within the classroom.

5.What according to you are the important values that a school should impart to its students? Please elaborate.

In today’s scenario, where education and learning is taking place at almost all dimensions and sides of human life, including internet and technology, I bet inculcating human values amongst the students will prepare them for a better world and to serve humanity fruitfully. A strong character with soft and life skills is what I aim for my students to be successful.

6.With your experience in the education space for more than 20 years, what do you think has to change in the education system today? Kindly elaborate.

What doesn’t change is not Education. Education is aimed at changing the behavior of the students. The system has to be revamped as per the need of the time. More flexible, vibrant, need based and collaborative in true sense. We have to seriously think to bring more freedom to education spheres to give the generation its due advantages.

7.What do you think is the most challenging part of being a teacher?

Constantly changing with the demand, needs and requirements of time, country and society is the most challenging task of being a teacher.

8.What according to you are the things that teachers have to keep in mind or be prepared for, before entering the profession? Please elaborate.

As I said earlier the flexibility, innovativeness, uniqueness and die-hard attitude will be the core values on which new generation of teachers should work upon. However, expertise in subject, compassion, dedication and sustainability will always remain as important code of a teacher’s character.

9.What is your message for young, aspiring teachers and educators?

Teaching will always remain the noblest of all professions so they will have to be different. Child will have to be the first concern for each of the teacher. My message for the budding and aspiring teachers is that they chose the career in teaching by choice and then work hard to achieve the heights in the profession. Never retire as a teacher.


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