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Learn how liquids affect magnets

Things needed-

  • 3 glass cups

  • Magnet

  • 12 metal paper clips

  • ½ cup water

  • ½ cup of vegetable oil

  • ½ cup of cornstarch (You can make some using cornflour powder at home)


  1. Place the three glass cups in a row.

  2. Fill the first cup with water, the second glass with vegetable oil and the third glass with corn-starch.

  3. Place four metal paper clips in each glass.

  4. Now, place the magnet next to each glass and notice how the metal paper clips are attached to it. Note the changes.

How does this work-

You will notice that the metal paper clips in the water and oil glass get easily attracted to the magnet, because there is very little resistance. Resistance is the power of a material to stop the movement of another material or substance. However, when you place the magnet next to the glass cup filled with cornstarch, the paper metal clips are slowly attracted to it. This is because cornstarch shows more resistance as it is very thick in nature.

You can try the experiment with different types of liquids such as curd, vinegar etc.


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