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Learn why your body is warm when the weather is cold outside!

Things Needed

1. A cold day

2. A thermometer


1. Try this experiment on a cold day, preferably during the winter season.

2. Step out of the house/school on a cold day. Make sure to wear warm clothes when you step outside.

3. Make note of the temperature of the air outside.

4. Now, slide down the thermometer up your sleeves in such a way that it rests against your skin. Wait for some time, take out the thermometer and note the temperature as shown in the thermometer.

5. You will notice that your body is warmer as compared to the temperature outside.

How does this work? Humans are warm blooded animals, which means that, irrespective of the temperature outside, the body functions at a certain temperature. The body ensures that the temperature of our body remains constant throughout. For the body temperature to remain constant, various chemical reactions take place in our body, which in turn produces heat. This heat produced, helps in keeping us warm, even on cold winter days. (With the help of this experiment, the teacher can introduce the concept of warm blooded and cold blooded animals.)


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