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Light up a bulb without electricity!

Things Needed:

  1. Fluorescent light bulb

  2. A comb

  3. Woollen cloth


  1. Go to a dark room with the light bulb, comb and the woollen cloth.

  2. Rub the comb over the woollen cloth around 20-30 times.

  3. Place the comb on the metal end of the bulb.

  4. Observe what happens.

How does it work?

When you place the rubbed comb on the metal end of the bulb, the bulb lights up. Rubbing the comb on the woollen cloth creates friction. This causes the electrons to travel from the cloth to the comb. The woollen cloth becomes positively charged and the comb becomes negatively charged. When the comb is touched to the end of the bulb, the electrons get discharged into the bulb, causing it to light up.


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