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NASA Space - App We Recommend

Most people would love to have a mobile application that enables them to explore the stars, learn about planets and the existence of distant galaxies. However, with technological advancement, such dreams can be made true where modern mobile applications have made it possible for anyone to access and gaze at the stars.

The NASA App

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has come up with a mobile application called the NASA which enables its users to learn and explore more about space. The app showcases a huge collection of NASA’s latest content which includes space images and videos. The application also allows the user to access NASA television that provides programmes on outer space, planets and stars.

Features of the NASA App

The mobile application comes with the option of viewing the planets and stars in a 2D and 3D model scale and also provides additional information such as distance between the stars, climatic conditions of the planets, gravitational pull of the Sun, etc. The app updates the user on space news articles, events and feature stories while providing an archive of images.

The mobile app also provides its users with information about various space missions that are conducted by NASA. The application provides information on launching dates and comes with a countdown clock that records the time of various missions. It also helps the user to save images from the app to the phone.

The NASA app also records frequent updates and news coming from the International Space Station and provides a variety of videos and images of planets, stars and other space objects from the space station. It tracks the location details of the International Space Station at any point in time and also provides additional information on other satellites that orbit the earth. The app helps the user to share the images and other content on social media sites.

The NASA app comes with the feature to tune in and listen to NASA’s Third Rock radio station, which plays alternative rock music. Not only that, it also has the option of connecting the app to the Apple Television or Amazon Fire TV. The NASA space channel can also be accessed by subscribing to the Roku channel store.

The NASA Space app is available for free download on the Apple Store and Android Play Store.

This article originally appeared in the TeacherTribe Magazine August 2020 edition.


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