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No-limit Curriculum - The Best Educational Practice

GEETA VERMA | Head of School, Pragyanam, Gurugram

An educationist since 1990, Geeta Verma has been the Founding Head of The International Programme (International Baccalaureate [IB] & Cambridge), at the Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurugram. She is an IB Diploma Programme Examiner and has led a number of authorisations and accreditations and also facilitated TAISI Workshops for School leaders and SAIBSA (South Asia International IB Schools Association). She is a graduate from the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University (D.U), and she recently completed a year-long blended course at Stanford University on ‘Pedagogical Excellence’.


With the world moving at an enormously fast pace towards digitalisation, it is time for education to leave its traditional roots in cramming and rote learning of facts and move towards a more practical and experiential method. The future world is unpredictable, as it will need mindful individuals to take up the mantle of change and lead the way. A ‘No-Limit Curriculum’ is the fi­rst step towards an education system that looks beyond marks and grades and focuses on the growth and development of the individual. Here's how:

  1. There's enough research to support that the possibility of children retaining what they learnt is far greater if that knowledge is applied to practical situations rather than crammed sitting in a closed classroom. The No-Limit Curriculum uses a practical methodology by making subject lessons look like fun activities. These activities could be storytelling, skits, meditation, games, presentations, teamwork exercises and other interactive sessions that focus on developing life skills through experiential learning.

  2. The best part about No-Limit Curriculum is that it is integrated with the CBSE guidelines, which means your child gets the best of both worlds. Practical knowledge will result in better retention which will result in better performance in any kind of assessment.

  3. In a world where there is limitless knowledge, every child needs to be open to learning. A No-Limit Curriculum ­fires up the desire to learn in children and ensures that they become lifelong learners who are always up to date with the latest and greatest. Skills like creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation are skills that will make your child future-ready and lie at the core of the No-Limit Curriculum.

  4. A traditional education system pits one child against another based on performance, grades or marks, while a No-Limit Curriculum teaches children to live holistic lives together, where every child's potential is unique, it is acknowledged and appreciated. And every child is encouraged to be a better version of themselves by discovering and rediscovering their limitless potential, far from the notions of ­fixed abilities and ­fixed futures.

  5. The future is wildly uncertain, and we need emotionally strong, resilient and conscientious individuals. A No-Limit Curriculum balances knowledge, attitude and skills, and builds different aspects of a child's personality to empower him or her for everyday demands and challenges that life throws. Pragyanam's No-Limit Curriculum is aimed at driving a positive change in the world through the efforts of every student. Pragyanam wishes to raise children who are happy every day, live meaningful, well-rounded lives and are forever creating value for themselves and for others around them.

This article was originally published in magazine in the month of August, 2019.


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