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Pocket - App we recommend

The internet is full information - articles, videos and audio files. It takes great effort to find the apt ones and greater effort to save and consume these files. Pocket is an app that takes content that comes our way and helps us create our own space filled with topics that interest us.

An app from Mozilla Corporation, Pocket helps the users save news pieces, articles and videos from any publisher, device or app.

App features

  • Pocket has a layout which is customisable, clean and relaxing for the readers eyes. The typography of the app helps reading for longer periods a comfortable experience.

  • The app has dark and sepia themes for night reading.

  • Pocket has a 'listen' feature which helps in 'eyes-free' and 'hands-free' experience, in turn helping the users multitask.

  • Once an article is saved in Pocket, it can be accessed on the phone, laptop or a tab even when the user is offline.

  • It displays the estimated reading time, helping the users to plan their work accordingly.

  • Users can also save to Pocket with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Teachers and educators can make use of this app to save interesting articles and teaching resources they come across online. This can be viewed, listened to, or read later during their free time.


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