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Spin your egg and determine if it is raw or boiled!

Things Required

1. A raw egg

2. A boiled egg


1. Take both the eggs and spin them on a table.

2. Touch the top of each egg lightly.

3. You will notice that the raw egg will continue to spin even after tapping it, while the boiled egg responds to it much quicker and stops quickly.

How does this work?

One of the easiest ways to find the difference between a raw egg and a boiled egg is by spinning it. The reason behind the difference is the density. A boiled egg has a solid outer layer and is solid inside, meaning; it has uniform density both inside and outside. When the boiled egg stops spinning, the centre of the egg, which is the hardened yolk, will also stop.

In a raw egg, the content inside is liquid. When the egg is tapped lightly from outside, the shell stops, but not the liquid yolk inside, which continues to spin.


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