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Sports: How important is it?

Gone are the days when children led a stress-free life. With the growing competition, the pressure also grows and children hardly have any time to unwind and relax.

However, bearing this in mind, educational institutes have allotted a specific time every week for kids, to keep aside their textbooks and put on their sports shoes.

Playing is one of the most efficient ways through which children can relax and destress, which is the main reason schools these days are giving more emphasis on the same. Apart from keeping the body and mind in synch, sports also benefits children in ways more than one.

1.Team spirit

Sports encourage team activities, which teaches kids to be sportive, work together as a team and the concept of ‘team spirit’.


Kids these days have very less tolerance and sports will definitely improve their patience level. It will help them handle difficult situations on the field with calm.

3.Accepting failure

While success is easy to handle, not everyone can handle failure. Losing a game not only teaches them to accept it willingly but also motivates them to perform better the next time. It teaches one to bounce back after a defeat, to stand up after a fall and fight back. This is an essential lesson for leading a successful life.


Sports education instils self-discipline and obedience in children. Apart from increasing mental and physical stamina, sports also helps develop obedience, self-confidence and the ability to face defeat or handle winning, with extreme will power.

5.Enhances mental and physical growth

Sports help kids in character building and provides them energy and strength. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle will bring good results in the child’s lifestyle, mind and body. Also, recreational activities eliminate unhealthy habits that may lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, joint pain, strokes and other serious diseases.

Lastly, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so when students are physically fit, their academic results are also much better.

To sum it all up, in today’s competitive world, sports can also make for an important check point at various levels - From getting admission in sports quota to earning those extra credits on the report card, sports can benefit your child ways more than just one. So, make sure your child gets to put on his/her sports shoes as often as possible!


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