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Teach children new words with the help of the game Antakshari

Learning the names of countries, animals, trees, currency, cities, fruits, vegetables, etc, may seem like an extremely tiring activity and memorizing all of it may become difficult. There are many tricks of memorising, but none of them make it a fun activity that kids would desire to do every day. 'Word Anthakshari' removes the boredom and adds a fun element. We as try to promote fun learning methods. Word Anthakshari is a game that needs no equipment and can be played even while travelling, waiting for an appointment or as a family game. It increases knowledge, while the experience of learning becomes fun and interesting.

How to play the Game?

Start the game using the name of any country. The next player has to name another country, which starts with the last letter of the previous country that was named. The names of the countries cannot be repeated. If the country is divided into two and the new official names are announced, then the old name will not be valid. Same rules can be applied to the names of the cities, animals (includes birds and sea creatures), trees, currency, fruits, vegetables, names of famous leaders, names of famous organisations, etc.

This method can be uses at homes and also in the class. While it may seem like a game for the kids, it’s a fun game for the adults too.

The degree of absorption of a particular topic is lot more when such innovative techniques are used. Your child will not only look forward to the game, but will also learn. Do try this method and write to us about your experience at


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