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Teaching outside the box: How to grab your students by their brains.

Teaching Outside the Box: How to Grab Your Students By Their Brains is a book that integrates practical strategies and provides useful advice for both experienced and fresh teachers to keep the students engaged in the classroom. Authored by LouAnne Johnson, this conversational book provides answers on how to engage students in class and encourage self-directed learning. The book also discusses the importance of creating dynamic lesson plans which will help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students.

The book provides insights on how to be an effective teacher through self-reflection and discusses the ability to view matters from different perspectives.

The book also emphasises on the concept of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking while talking about –

  • Ways to improve classroom management, discipline, motivation, and morale.

  • Strategies for arranging a classroom, engaging students and avoiding the misbehaviour cycle.

  • Creating an environment for students to learn and teachers to teach.

  • Leveraging insights from teachers and students.

Published in August 2005, Teaching Outside the Box: How to Grab Your Students by Their Brains is an essential teaching resource for teachers at any stage in their career.


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