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TED - App We Recommend

TED is a nonpro­fit, devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks which are 18 minutes or less. The platform today covers almost all topics ranging from science to business to global issues, in more than 100 languages.

TED serves as a perfect companion for teachers, educators and students alike. New educators can plan innovative teaching strategies from the TED contents. Thousands of interesting and informative sessions by experts can aid teachers and students to learn more and have a productive discussion in classrooms. This helps in bringing out an enriched classroom with active students and unique lecture presentations.

Features of the app

  • The users of the app can explore more than 3,000 TED Talks from notable people, by topic and mood, from tech and science.

  • The entire TED Talk library can be accessed with subtitles in over 100 languages.

  • The user can customise the playlist based on interests and preferences.

  • Videos can be downloaded for later use offline.

  • The app also has access to the latest TED podcasts.

With the app available on both iOS app and Google Playstore, this is a highly recommended app for all to ‘stay curious, informed and inspired’.

This article originally appeared in the TeacherTribe Magazine July 2021 edition.


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