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Why aerated drinks are bad for your child

A recent study conducted in the US shows that intake of aerated drinks has increased aggression in teenagers and also kids.

It is no secret that soda has contributed to obesity among children, but the fact that it is also making kids aggressive is a worrying sign.

Not only that, consumption of soda has shown trends of aggression in kids, which is mostly directed at parents and peers. It is also leading to emotional instability among them, with suicidal tendencies in severe cases.

Further studies show that more than 43% of five- year- olds drink one can of soda every day while another 4% drink up to four cans and even more. Kids who drink more than 5 cans of soda are more violent in nature.

To make their study more intensive in nature, the researchers also studied the diet plans of the kids, before coming down to the conclusion regarding the side effects caused by aerated drinks.

Why is soda bad for kids?

So what does Soda contain which causes such dire effects in kids? Aerated drinks contain highly processed products containing carbonated water, high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sodium benzoate, phosphoric or citric acid and often caffeine, any of which most possibly affects behaviour in a person. Furthermore, caffeine also causes hormonal imbalance.

Another ingredient which affects the behaviour of kids is the sugar present in the drinks. It has found through experiments that sugar in these drinks have toxic effects.

Schools and colleges have taken extensive steps by replacing aerated drinks with fruit juices for kids, but it has been of very little help. The companies manufacturing these drinks have made it clear that their promotion doesn’t include young kids as one of their target consumers, but the amount these kids are known to consume is not only posing a threat on the health of these young lives, but is also jeopardising the relationship between the kids and their families.

Hence, it is important that parents and peers also educate their kids regarding the side effects of such products and make sure that with time, the kids slowly but finally, cut down on the consumption of aerated drinks.


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