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World Youth Skills Day: Empowering the Future

Every year on 15 July, ‘World Youth Skills Day’ is celebrated. It was declared by the United Nation’s General Assembly, to ‘equip young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship’.

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This observance is important since the global economy is changing quickly and new skill sets are needed to keep up with the demands of shifting employment markets and technological breakthroughs. By giving youth the skills they need, we increase their employability, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to society, and promote economic development. This day serves as a reminder of the need of funding education and training programs that can adapt to the needs of the labor market, both now and in the future.

Role of teachers

A key component of World Youth Skills Day's success is the involvement of teachers. They are mentors as well as instructors, encouraging and guiding young minds to pursue their passions and abilities. Here are some ways that educators can get involved:


First, instructors might include the development of practical skills in their curricula. Beyond academic understanding, practical experience and career training are essential for getting students ready for the workforce. Teachers can offer opportunities for students to gain employable skills through workshops, internships or project-based learning.

Teachers can also foster creativity and innovation. In a world where businesses are changing due to technological breakthroughs, the ability to be creative and adaptable is highly prized. Instructors can create an atmosphere where students are encouraged to think critically, solve problems and have an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Teachers can serve as career counselors. They can provide information on different educational options, market trends and career pathways. They can provide tailored counsel and support to their students in selecting appropriate career pathways and developing pertinent skills by getting to know their objectives and strengths. 

Finally, educators can promote materials that aid in the development of the required skills. They can work together with people on ground or in the required field, to organise and conduct programs that improve the caliber and applicability of education. 

World Youth Skills Day is an opportunity to reflect on the transforming impact of skill development in influencing our youth's future. Through equipping youth with appropriate skills and knowledge, we can build a more sustainable and inclusive society. By providing students with real-world skills, encouraging creativity, advising on career choices, and speaking out in favor of educational change, teachers are essential to this effort. By working together, we can make sure that every young person has the chance to reach their full potential and make a significant contribution to the world economy.


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