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You, your child and school - A book that helps understand the purpose of schooling!

Parents are always concerned about their children, mainly when it comes to education, and even more when education is believed to be the minefield of politics and opposing views. But all the parents have one thing in common - they want their child to succeed. In this book, Ken Robinson along with Lou Aronica, has come up with clear principles and logical advices on how to support a child through the K-12 education system. This book has focused to rethink on the real nature and purpose of schooling.

Robinson’s core argument is that schools spend all the creative talent because students are always preoccupied with academic courses. He mentions creative subjects like drama, dance and art should have equal status to the core disciplines of science and maths. He believes the education inflation will come to an end if creative subjects can replace the ‘industrial, manufacturing model of batching people’.

He has made a point in the book by mentioning it is important to perform well in academic tests, but, the obsession in driving up standards has created an unbalanced system. In the book he has mentioned three options for parents:

  • Work for changes within the system

  • Work for changes to the system

  • Educate children outside the current system

The book has provided plenty of practical tips for parents starting from child development, educational policy reform and classroom grooming sessions for post school career options.


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