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Celebrate the Dravid in You

Varsha Prasad


Nothing unites India like winning a cricket match said one of my friends. It sure played out after we won the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World cup recently. There was perhaps no household that did not talk about or celebrate the victory. 

What makes this victory special is the manner in which they played the game, the consistency and the unbeaten winning spree. The reception the team got when they came back with the trophy and the fanbase that had gathered to welcome the team back, are moments worth cherishing!

In all this, the teacher stood out. Even before the final we had the social media abuzz with (hashtag) #DoItForDravid. The team performed splendidly on the field and the efforts of the coach backstage, did not go unnoticed. Known as ‘The Wall’ for standing strong always, Dravid was applauded by everyone for moulding the team to reach where they are today, and for helping win the World Cup. 

Drawing parallels to the education field, teachers are coaches, like Dravid, who work in the background to make sure that the team (read students), accomplishes something in life. As we dedicate this article to the teacher Rahul Dravid, you as teachers, can very proudly draw a lot of similarities with him. 

Composure – Dravid is known for his calm and composure. This added to the Indian players’ confidence on the field. Teachers are no different. With the chaos in class, it is the teachers’ calm that keeps the session going! It is the teacher who is the backbone, silently motivating the children their constant support. 

Girt and Aura – The aura with which Dravid carries himself, the positivity and confidence is contagious! While under continuous scrutiny since the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, Dravid has carried the ownness on his shoulders with grit and has helped the Indian team win the T20 World Cup. 

Teachers never give up! They make sure that the children they teach succeed and will stand with them, no matter what comes their way. The teachers’ belief in the child’s abilities, their positive presence and their encouragement goes a long way in making children what they become later in life. 

Long term dedication – Dravid has earlier mentored the U-19 Indian cricket team to victory. He has shaped them, been with them, dedicating himself to their growth and created stars over the years. Teachers, you do the same too! With dedication and passion, you make sure that the children are trained and shaped from their nascent stages, to become experts later. You shoulder the responsibility, you work alongside children, be with them during their hour of need and finally, become their biggest cheerleaders when they succeed!

The learning from Rahul Dravid and the Indian victory in the Cricket World Cup is that no matter how the team (children) performs, the teachers play a crucial role in both making or breaking the team! Rahul Dravid’s constant guidance, support and mentorship helped the team perform better with each match. Similarly, a teacher’s role is paramount in making each victory of the child count. Rahul Dravid might have retired from his position as the head coach of the Indian Cricket Team, but he will be remembered forever as a coach, a mentor and a member of the victorious team. 

Teachers, you will retire one day, but the legacy you leave behind will remain etched forever in the hearts and minds of the children you have impacted! Let us all celebrate the Dravid within each one of us.


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