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Chegg Prep – Study flashcards - App we recommend

Chegg Pre is an exclusive flashcard app where teachers and students can flip and learn from a collection of more than a 500 million flashcard These cards are accessible for free, and it is one of the easiest ways to study, irrespective of the subject/topic.

Features on the app

1. Users can find the right most relevant card from the database of over 500 million flashcards

2. The cards can be accessed anytime, anywhere on the app, from any device.

3. Users can play quizzes to track their study progress.

4. Users can make their own cards or study from cards made by others to test their knowledge.

5. Users can study with expert content and get ready for exams for free.

For teachers

1. Teachers can help students learn and study with Chegg. They can create their own their students.

2. Chegg is an online library of flashcards ranging from topics like science and engineering to foreign languages, math and coding. These flashcards can be stored and shared.

3. Teachers can stay connected with other teachers and see what is available for their curriculum.

For students

1. Students can prepare their own flashcards for free.

2. They can test themselves and check what they know.

3. They can customise their study material with text and images.

4. Access and find flashcards across mobile devices and desktop.

5. They can find cards that is most appropriate for the subject they are practicing.

Teachers can create flashcards study materials & interactive sessions on Chegg. The classroom can be made interesting and interactive by allowing students to create these digital flashcards and sharing it in class.

This article originally appeared in the TeacherTribe Magazine September 2021 edition.

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